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Students are eligible to participate in the Cedar Park Christian Junior Football and Cheer Program.  This program exists to provide a Christ-centered Youth Football & Cheer Program that glorifies God by developing athletes who demonstrate knowledge, skills, teamwork, character and a strong desire for excellence.

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All extracurricular activities sponsored by CPCS are offered as opportunities for young people to enrich their lives. All we do should be a testimony to the love of Jesus Christ, and our actions as coaches and student-athletes should reflect a strong Christian commitment. We want to provide a quality program that encourages participation for a large percentage of our student body, at the same time emphasizing the importance of self-discipline, commitment, and competing. Participating in athletics at Cedar Park Christian School is a privilege and not a right. Remember that athletes and coaches represent Christ, our school, and each other to the school that we participate against. It is our desire to present CPCS coaches that have excellent Christian character, abundant sport specific knowledge, and a desire to serve the Lord by teaching young people.

Athletic Handbook