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Staff And Faculty Directory



Lyn Campbell

Phone: Grade: Elementary Teacher
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Location: Bellevue Building: / Room



Taylor Johnson

Phone: Grade: Office Staff
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Location: Bellevue Building: / Room


Dana Johnson

Phone: Grade:
Phone ext.: Subject: Campus Manager
Location: Bellevue Building: / Room



Tiffany Otis

Phone: 425-746-3258 Grade: 1st & 2nd
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Location: Bellevue Building: / Room

I have been blessed to teach at Cedar Park since 2008. Currently, I am teaching 1st and 2nd grade at Cedar Park’s Bellevue Campus. I grew up in a strong Christian home and attended Cedar Park Church throughout my childhood and teenage years. It is exciting to give back to an organization that has invested so much into my life. I am able to do so since earning my bachelors degree in education from Northwest University. I love having the chance to teach elementary students because they are so excited to learn. I am blessed to have the opportunity each day to minister into their lives and to get the chance to witness incredible growth in each student both academically and spiritually throughout the year. Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to be a teacher. I played school with my friends and I always loved when it was my turn to be the “teacher”. In third grade, I had a teacher who truly invested into my life. I am thrilled to no longer pretend that I am a teacher and to have my own classroom where I can invest into my students lives like my third grade teacher did with me. There are many fun activities that the students have to look forward to, such as field trips, our thanksgiving feast, field day and much, much, more. As a teacher, I look forward to watching each student grow spiritually, academically, and socially.



Bonna Rogers

Phone: 425-746-3258 Grade:
Phone ext.: Subject: Preschool
Location: Bellevue Building: / Room


Gloria Rohwer

Phone: Grade: 3rd & 4th
Phone ext.: Subject:
Location: Bellevue Building: Elementary School / Room 101

I am blessed to say I work at Cedar Park Christian Schools. One of the benefits of working here is that I get to tell my students about Jesus at any time- in fact I am required to. It is a pleasure to have the responsibility to remind students of the relationship they can have with a Creator who wants a personal connection with them. Children are at school 6 hours a day, 5 days a week from September until the middle of June. During those hours, they are told many things about the world. They learn about the order in the world in math class and science class. They learn whichever version of history is currently in the curriculum. They learn about nutrition and healthy living. They learn about keeping the earth clean and healthy, too. As Christians, we should be telling our children about the connection between God and all the subjects they learn in school. We should be making certain than they understand that the order in arithmetic and algebra reflects the orderliness of our Creator. We should not allow them to become nonchalant with the wonder of creation, because they will become indifferent with our Creator. My parents are from the generation that began life during the great depression. World War II interrupted their life just as they were becoming adults. Neither of them went to college or even completed high school. Both would have succeeded. My father’s strengths are in math and logic. Mother excelled in reading and recalling information. They both read voraciously and encouraged their 5 children to copy them. I am the one child of five who has completed a college degree. I have daughters, nephews and nieces who have graduated before me. I feel that teaching is the calling on my life from my Lord. When I was a child I taught my neighbor to draw horses. When I was a teenager I taught a friend to play the guitar. When I was a young mother I taught my toddlers to read. I corrected my husband’s grammar, taught private flute lessons, taught a church choir to read music, taught my dog to close a door; I am called to teach. I have had the privilege of teaching at Cedar Park since 1999. My experience has been varied; high school choir, 6th grade art, demonstration teaching at the 4th grade level, first grade, elementary music, and beginning band. I am currently teaching a split third/fourth grade class at the International campus in Bellevue. Working with a group of bright students with varied ethnicity is exciting and challenging. Working for and with Jesus is never boring! My personal pursuits include travel and reading (and rereading) good books. As an adult I have visited Canada, England, Malaysia, Kurdistan (Northern Iraq), and Turkey. It is my hope to one day travel abroad and serve as a substitute teacher in ex-pat schools. In the time until then, I energetically continue to educate children, love them and help their parents in the process of molding them into responsible citizens.



Amanda Salisbury

Phone: 425-746-3258 Grade:
Phone ext.: Subject: Pre School
Location: Bellevue Building: / Room

Hello, my name is Amanda Salisbury and I teach preschool 3’s and 4’s at Cedar Park’s Bellevue Campus. I have been working for Cedar Park since the fall of 2010 and I have loved every second! Ever since I was young I have loved working with kids. My first job was being a babysitter in my neighborhood. During my college years I worked as a nanny and volunteered with both youth and children’s ministry at my church. Over the years I have developed a passion for watching children learn about God and helping them grow. I love working for Cedar Park because it is more than just a job, it is a calling. My two favorite Bible verses are Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God has prepared in advance for us to do.” And Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” These two verses remind me that every person is uniquely created by God on purpose with gifts and talents to fulfill their own special purpose that God gave them. Each day I try to encourage students to discover their God given gifts and abilities and how they can use them for God. Working with preschoolers is never dull or boring. The students are at the age where coming to school is new, fun, and exciting. My goal is to help students develop their academic skills and Christian character in a safe and loving environment.



Susan Zirschky

Phone: 425-746-3258 Grade: Pre-Kindergarten
Phone ext.: Subject:
Location: Bellevue Building: / Room

It is an honor to teach here at Cedar Park Christian School. I chose Cedar Park for the educatioon of my son. My husband and I believe it was one of the most important investments that we have ever made. My love and passion is Christian education and although my son has long since graduated, I am still here teaching and enjoying God’s little ones! I knew I wanted to be a teacher at the age of five. I come from a heritage of teachers with my great grandmother teaching English to the immigrants as they arrived on Ellis Island. I was born and raised in the state of Michigan. I graduated from Central Michingan University with a BS in Education and years later a Masters in Reading and Literacy. I enjoy working with the early childhood students and am blessed daily by their sweet smiles, eagerness to learn and precious faith in our heavenly Father. As a Christian Teacher this is my prayer:
"Dear Lord, I do not ask that Thou shouldst give me some high work of Thine, Some noble calling, or some wondrous task; Give me a little hand to hold in mine; Give me a little child to point the way over the strange, sweet path that leads to Thee; Give me two shining eyes Thy face to see. The only crown I ask, dear Lord, to wear is this: That I may lead a little child. I do not ask that I may ever stand among the wise, the worthy, or the great; I only ask that softly, hand in hand, A child and I may enter at the gate."