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“Punkin Chunkin” Family STEM Night!

Posted on July 12, 2017

Students and parents joined forces as they participated in a fall themed Family STEM Night on November 10. Using various supplies, student/parent teams faced the engineering challenge of building catapults that could launch a “pumpkin”! Each team was challenged to build two catapults of their own design. Once completed they were ready to launch! Challenges included a Power Test, where teams were challenged to see which catapult launched the “pumpkin” the farthest, a Tower Test, designed to figure out which catapult could knock down a “tower” of cups, and an Accuracy Test, that determined which design could launch a “pumpkin” into a bowl. This event highlighted the engineering design process, student-driven learning and hands-on fun. It was a great evening and we look forward to our next event planned for February!

Science Fair 2017

Posted on July 09, 2017

A February highlight at the Bellevue Cedar Park Campus is our Science Fair. Students in grades three through six begin preparing during the month of January. They first select a topic and develop a hypothesis for their experiment. Then using the scientific method, they proceed to conduct their experiments, log their findings, observe their results, and write their conclusions. Each student presents their project before their peers and are judged on the organization of their display board, the quality of their printed report, the creativity of their experiment, and the excellence of their oral presentation. First, second, and third place ribbons are given out on the night of our Open House. All students come away with a great appreciation for how to conduct a successful science experiment and how to convey their findings to an audience.